Meet the orchestra

The 2023 membership of the Dunedin Youth Orchestra consists of the following players in seating order.

Concertmaster *Skyla Murray
Violin 1 Michelle Brown
Romero Suggate
Yuiko Yoshimura
Clara Satherley
Gion Sin
Violin 2 *Cindy Chou
Savarna Yang
Grace Hill
Jenny Petegem Thach
India Gupta
Lucas Tio
Matthew Petegem Thach
Kal-El Gupta
Viola Eve Gabor
Cello *Lucy Porter
Lucy Park
Aidan Blakie
Flute *Maddie Carter (1st)
Ava van Asten (2nd)
Karuna Yang (2nd)
Oboe Callum Fotheringham
Clarinet Ayla Biner-McGrath (shared position)
Oscar Robertson (shared position)
Bassoon * James Hurley (1st)
Delta Cox (2nd)
French Horn *Emily Swasbruck (1st)
Damian Dyke (2nd)
Samuel Burr (3rd but 1st when only two parts)
Adair Clark (4th but 2nd when only two parts)
Trumpet Serenity Hook (1st and 2nd shared)
Mei Admiraal (1st and 2nd shared)
Trombone *Ben Walker (1st)
Benjamin Pickering (Bass / 2nd)
Percussion Hazel Simes
Ozan Biner-McGrath

Asterisks (*) indicate section principal. ‘+’ indicates guest players.