DYO prepares for “Night Ringing with Unseen Larks” concert

The Dunedin Youth Orchestra has resumed rehearsing for our upcoming concert ‘Night Ringing with Unseen Larks’ after a couple of weeks off for Easter and school holidays. We are working hard towards our next concert, which will take place on Wednesday 27th May, at Knox Church. Information for the concert will make its way to the website within the next week so keep a look out!

Our preparations for this concert began back in February, when we started assembling our orchestra for the year. We are proud to boast the largest orchestra in recent years. Even sections that have been hard to fill–such as violas, cellos, bassoons, and horns–are bursting at the seams.

The orchestra are also excited for their upcoming sectional weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of May, a fantastic experience for our members to get section advice from fantastic and skilled musicians from the Southern Sinfonia. (Photos will follow!)

Entries for the Audrey Reid Composition Prize have now closed, with the winner to be announced at our May concert. The orchestra always enjoys premiering these young composers’ works and we wish all applicants the best of luck with their submissions.

We had some photos taken of us during our last rehearsal, we hope you enjoy them! We are looking forward to getting back into rehearsals again, and can’t wait to see you at our concert later in the month!

IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5847 IMG_5845 IMG_5834 IMG_5829 IMG_5828 IMG_5826 IMG_5825 IMG_5816 IMG_5804 IMG_5803 IMG_5798 IMG_5793 IMG_5790 IMG_5789 IMG_5788 IMG_5786 IMG_5783 IMG_5781 IMG_3107 IMG_5769 IMG_5768 IMG_5767 IMG_3207 IMG_3196 IMG_3182 IMG_3180 IMG_3173 IMG_3167 IMG_3162 IMG_3152 IMG_3149 IMG_3145 IMG_3143 IMG_3137 IMG_3135 IMG_3133 IMG_3132 IMG_3129 IMG_3120 IMG_3113 IMG_3112

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