Semester 2 Concert: “Stone Mage, Sax & Symphony”

DYO proudly presents their second concert for 2016! Conductor: David Burchell Soloist: Elliot Tay (Alto Saxophone) Young Composer: Sam van Betuw   Be welcomed by the DYO with Von Suppe’s powerful and lyrical ‘Poet & Peasant Overture’. Malcolm Arnold’s ‘Little Suite’ will take you through … Continue readingSemester 2 Concert: “Stone Mage, Sax & Symphony”

Semester 1 Concert: “Tradition Reinvented”

DYO proudly presents their first concert for 2016! Conductor: Peter Adams Soloist: Jacinda Kumar (Violin) Join us in exploring Brahms‘ ‘Academic Festival Overture’, combining the dignification of university academia with student drinking songs. Float through the stars in New Zealand composer Salina Fisher‘s stunning piece … Continue readingSemester 1 Concert: “Tradition Reinvented”

DYO Presents: “These Lands are Ours”

DYO proudly presents their final concert for 2015! Conductor: David Burchell Soloist: Matthew Scadden Premiering Composer: Merlin Callister Collaborating Choir: City Choir Dunedin Join us in exploring Douglas Lilburn’s depiction of the New Zealand landscape in his ‘Drysdale Overture’. Marvel at the young talent of … Continue readingDYO Presents: “These Lands are Ours”

One week to go: DYO Presents ‘Night Ringing with Unseen Larks’

Only one week to go before the Dunedin Youth Orchestra delivers their first concert of 2015, ‘Night Ringing with Unseen Larks’. The group is hard at work finishing up their pieces and polishing all they can. With only two more rehearsals, we can be sure … Continue readingOne week to go: DYO Presents ‘Night Ringing with Unseen Larks’

DYO prepares for “Night Ringing with Unseen Larks” concert

The Dunedin Youth Orchestra has resumed rehearsing for our upcoming concert ‘Night Ringing with Unseen Larks’ after a couple of weeks off for Easter and school holidays. We are working hard towards our next concert, which will take place on Wednesday 27th May, at Knox … Continue readingDYO prepares for “Night Ringing with Unseen Larks” concert