Semester 2 Concert: “Stone Mage, Sax & Symphony”

DYO proudly presents their second concert for 2016!
Conductor: David Burchell
Soloist: Elliot Tay (Alto Saxophone)
Young Composer: Sam van Betuw
Be welcomed by the DYO with Von Suppe’s powerful and lyrical ‘Poet & Peasant Overture’. Malcolm Arnold’s ‘Little Suite’ will take you through 3 movements, each with its own different mood and character. Hear the sounds of the sea in ‘The Stone Mage & The Sea’, written by our 2016 young composer Sam van Betuw. Ever seen a saxophone perform in an orchestra? Now’s your chance to see our soloist Elliot Tay perform Jacques Ibert’s ‘Concertino da Camera for Alto Saxophone’, a piece of impressive skill, and one you are unlikely to experience again!
And then after the break, Dvorak’s famous 8th Symphony, described as his “stormy and romantic work”, will be sure to impress.
Poet & Peasant Overture – VON SUPPE
Little Suite No. 2 – ARNOLD
The Stone Mage & The Sea – SAM VAN BETUW
Concertino da Camera for Alto Saxophone – IBERT
Symphony 8 in Gmajor – DVORAK
Cash door sales only:
$15 Adults
$10 Students and Seniors
$5 High Schoolers
Accomapanied primary/intermediate school aged children free

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